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Modern, enterprise-class cybersecurity for organizations of any size

We monitor your network and endpoints to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats on your organization. Our state of the art cybersecurity platform utilizes the latest prevention and detection technologies and is constantly monitored by our team of expert security analysts. Best of all, it's affordable for organizations of any size.




Every organization needs threat detection & response.

In today's constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, firewalls and antivirus protection are not enough. Organizations of all sizes need the capabilities to protect, detect, and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

What would happen to your business, and your reputation, if your corporate data got hacked? How confident are you that your team has the resources, time, and skills to detect, contain, and respond to a breach? Most small and medium sized businesses simply don't have the resources required to keep up with today's ever-changing threat landscape.


percent of breaches that occur in organizations sized 11-100 employees.


number of days the average cyber attack goes unnoticed.


percent of compromised networks that had evidence of the breach in their log files.


percent of cybersecurity expenditure for perimeter protection, yet only 27% of breaches occur here.

Network security monitoring

We monitor your network, discovering vulnerabilities, investigating attacks, and alerting you to real threats.

You don't have time to comb through thousands of security events each day. Our sophisticated threat intelligence platform backed by expert security analysts alert you to real threats, with fast and accurate information.

We utilize state of the art technology, deployed on your premise or in your cloud environments. Our platform monitors your environment, collecting and correlating data from sources across your network, and alerts us to any potential cyber threats. Backed by the Open Threat Exchange, our platform is constantly updated with over 14 million threat indicators every day contributed by a global community of threat researchers that spans 140 countries and over 65,000 participants.

We're your I.T. department's best friend

Typical IT departments or MSP's don't have the time or expertise to stay on top of emerging cybersecurity trends, constantly monitor sophisticated security technologies, and comb through thousands of security events each day.

We make your IT department look good by offloading the heavy burden of information security monitoring and freeing them up to do what they do best: manage your network. We only involve your IT when we have discovered a real threat, and we provide actionable intelligence to enable them to act quickly and effectively to remediate the threat.

Cyber threat detection

Our approach

Many organizations are searching for a silver bullet solution to prevent hackers from getting into their network. Unfortunately, that solution just doesn't exist yet. Firewalls and antivirus alone are not enough. That's why it is imperative that your organization have the ability to detect threats as they occur and shut them down before damage can be done.

We believe that enterprise-level cybersecurity protection and detection should be attainable for all businesses. Sigma InfoSec provides turnkey, fully managed cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our unique offering is designed to supplement and enhance your existing IT resources by offloading the burden of security from your IT department. We take a comprehensive, layered approach designed to fill the gaps in your company's security posture.

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Sigma Threat Intelligence Platform

Sigma Threat Intelligence Platform

Continuous security. Fully managed, turnkey cybersecurity solution.


Know who and what is connected to your network at all times.

Identify vulnerabilities on your network to avoid exploitation and compromise.

Find insecure settings in Office 365 & G Suite to enhance your security posture.


Identify malicious behavior and potentially compromised systems.

Know when suspicious activities happen in your environment.

Detect threats against your critical infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud.


Correlate and analyze security event data from across your network.

Isolate infected endpoints to prevent malware from spreading.

Respond to threats quickly to minimize damage and prevent further escalation.

Sigma Shield

Sigma Shield

5 powerful cybersecurity capabilities in one simple solution.

We combine and the most advanced cybersecurity prevention tools to protect your organization from the most common forms of attack. Best of all, it's professionally managed and monitored for you at one low monthly cost.

Secure Internet Gateway

Your first line of defense against threats on the Internet.

Blocks phishing, malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and command & control communication.

Next-gen Endpoint Protection

Stops malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks at the endpoint.

Blocks never before seen attacks using machine learning.

Security Awareness Training

Puts security at the top of your employees' minds.

Simulates phishing attacks and provides opportunities for training reinforcement.

Office 365 Monitoring

Detects threats and anomalies in your Office 365 environment.

Identifies unauthorized, suspicious, or insecure activities.

Dark Web Monitoring

Prevents account takeover by monitoring the dark web for stolen corporate credentials.

Detects when your employee email addresses have been compromised in third party breaches.

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