Sigma Shield

Advanced cyber protection as a service.

We combine the most advanced cyber protection technologies available and deliver it as a single managed service.

Sigma Shield

Sigma Shield

5 powerful cybersecurity capabilities in one simple solution.

We combine and the most advanced cybersecurity prevention tools to protect your organization from the most common forms of attack. Best of all, it's professionally managed and monitored for you at one low monthly cost.

Secure Internet Gateway

Your first line of defense against threats on the Internet.

Blocks phishing, malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and command & control communication.

Next-gen Endpoint Protection

Stops malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks at the endpoint.

Blocks never before seen attacks using machine learning.

Security Awareness Training

Puts security at the top of your employees' minds.

Simulates phishing attacks and provides opportunities for training reinforcement.

Office 365 Monitoring

Detects threats and anomalies in your Office 365 environment.

Identifies unauthorized, suspicious, or insecure activities.

Dark Web Monitoring

Prevents account takeover by monitoring the dark web for stolen corporate credentials.

Detects when your employee email addresses have been compromised in third party breaches.

State of the art protection against the most common attack vectors

Prevents malware, ransomware, & zero-day attacks

Our next-gen antivirus + EDR solution is the most effective solution on the market for preventing all kinds of attacks before they are able to compromise your systems. By utilizing state of the art machine learning, our solution predicts and prevents even the most advanced malware, ransomware, non-malware, and even never before seen attacks that traditional signature-based antiviruses miss.

Next-gen antivirus
Secure internet gateway

Blocks malicious Internet traffic

Our cloud-based secure Internet gateway provides a first line of defense against threats on the Internet by analyzing and filtering all traffic coming from your network. Traditional web gateways only protect browser traffic. Our solution protects all Internet traffic by analyzing and protecting across all ports and protocols, with threat intelligence collected from over 125 billion Internet requests per day.

Prevents account takeover attacks

Widespread password reuse and constant third party breaches make all companies vulnerable to account takeover attacks. 81% of hacking-related breaches used stolen or weak passwords. We monitor the dark web for stolen corporate credentials. If any employee credentials become exposed in a third-party breach, we will instantly notify you so that you can take action before hackers are able to utilize those credentials.

Account takeover attack
Spam and phishing prevention

Monitors your cloud environment

As more and more organizations migrate to cloud services, such as Office 365, it has become imperative to protect and monitor the cloud. Attackers are constantly attempting to break into Office 365 accounts using phishing, credential stuffing, and other tactics. Once inside, they gain access to all of the critical systems and information that run your business. Office 365 must be constantly monitored for suspicious or malicious activities that could indicate a breach.

Arms your employees

Your employees are your last line of defense. When your employee receives a malicious email, will they make the right choice? We utilize the industry's best security awareness training program to educate your employees about their role in protecting your organization. Then we test your employees by running simulated phishing campaigns and providing opportunities for training reinforcement.

Employee Phishing Training

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